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Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Company (2013)

What to Look for in Dental Insurance ?
dental insurance
There are some essential things you'll have in mind when shopping around for the right dental insurance provider; price and copayment options, local dentist availability, actual coverage, etc. Here are the criteria we used to compare and evaluate the best dental insurance options available online:


It’s important to investigate the available features when considering an online dental company. Most companies offer features that are designed to make things easier for you – both before you’re a customer and after. For instance, online enrollment certainly helps save a chunk of your time, and it’s convenient. Check for a company that features a secure site to protect your information, and obviously you'll want to know if the company has the desired plan (individual? group?) you're looking for.

Additional Features

Aside from the standard features, look for extras like the ability to track claims online, the ability to fill out forms online, dentist finder features and more. By checking the available features, you can determine which company would be best for you.

Help and Support

Great customer service and support are important in an online dental insurance agency. Find out what kind of customer service is available with each insurance company you’re considering. Most companies offer at least a telephone number and an email address so that you can contact a customer service representative. Some companies offer the added benefits of an FAQ section or online chat. If there isn’t at least one method of getting in touch with the company, it’s advisable to skip it and search for another company.


Find out how you’re supposed to pay your premiums with the company you’re considering. Most companies offer either online payment, manual payment or both. If it’s not indicated on their website, you may need to call them in order to determine how you’re going to pay. Many customers feel that online payment is most convenient, while others consider manual payments more advantageous. It’s important to find out which method the company you’re considering prefers.

By using the points above and investigating the company you’re considering, you can find the best dental coverage for you.

Top 10 Best Dental Insurance Companies
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1.United Concordia

United Concordia United Concordia has a lot of different features that make them very easy to use when you need dental coverage. One of the most beneficial sections of their website is called ‘The Dental Health Center.’ It provides information for children’s dental health, teenager’s dental health, adult dental health and even senior dental health. It outlines the connection between dental health and overall health and how one can affect the other.
Additional Features:
In addition to the regular features available from United Concordia, there are additional features that make it easy to use no matter who you are. Online forms make it easy to file claims, while the tracking tools make it easy to keep track of a claim. There are tools available for individuals, employers, producers and administrators. Also, you can utilize the plan comparisons to determine which plan would be best for your individual needs. With the additional features, United Concordia is very competitive and keeps things as simple as possible for all users.

Help and Support:
United Concordia provides about the best customer support available from an online dental insurance company. A frequently asked questions section allows you to easily find the information you need and get answers to common questions. Often, all of your questions will be answered with the FAQ and there will be no need to contact a customer service representative. In the event that you should need to ask a question that’s not answered in the FAQ, there are email addresses and phone numbers available on the site so you can contact a customer service representative. You should very quickly receive an answer to your question. It’s easy to see that United Concordia wants to provide their customers with excellent help and support – making them a wonderful company to utilize.

United Concordia offers the ability to pay online, making it simple and quick to pay for your monthly bill. Most people tend to want to make the online payments – since it’s super-convenient and helps you keep track of your payments. United Concordia also accepts payments manually (through the mail), though this option continues to dwindle when compared with online payments.

United Concordia provides a great deal of information to their customers and website browsers. The information is split into sections that are organized and help individuals find exactly what they’re looking for. They have a comprehensive list of features that make it easier to get dental coverage no matter who you are – whether you’re an individual or an employer who needs to obtain a group policy.

Many different companies don’t offer a great deal of the features that are available through United Concordia, and still charge the same price or higher. This makes United Concordia a wonderful value for the price. The additional features make United Concordia easy to use even after you’ve purchased the policy – and the customer service and support are unmatched. This is a wonderful company to choose when it comes to online dental coverage, and they’re a very competitive company. By showing you that they value their customers, United Concordia provides you with a great deal of benefits and advantages.
Official site : http://www.ucci.com/

2.Ameritas Group Dental

Ameritas Group Dental Ameritas is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and offers both group and individual plans. There is a co-payment option to make things easier for you, and there’s no pre-certification required. With all of the features Ameritas Group Dental offers, it’s easy to see that they’re competitive and that they try to provide their customers with a great deal of tools and information to make things easier.

Additional Features:
In addition to the regular features offered by Ameritas, there are some unique features which stand out. Online forms are available so individuals or employers can easily enter a claim, and there is also the ability to track a claim online. As you need to file a claim, you simply log in to your account and take care of the paperwork that you’d normally have to visit an office to do or do through the regular mail. This can really save you a lot of time. Employers, Individuals, Producers and Administrators all have tools that they can utilize within the site to access the information they need to access and process the claims they need to process.

Help and Support:
By sending out an email or calling the company, you can get your questions answered or your concerns addressed. In addition to this, and probably the greatest feature available in the help and support area, is the online chat option. Since finding and purchasing dental insurance online can be quite confusing, being able to ask questions and receive answers from a human rather than a machine is priceless. You can make your decision with the information you receive. This gives you instant access to a customer service representative so you can immediately find out the answers to your questions or concerns. Ameritas Group Dental is extremely competitive when it comes to help and support, and are therefore recommended based on this factor.

With Ameritas, you can make your payments online and save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary work. However, some people would rather manually make their payments, as they can better keep up with what expenses are going out. If this is you, you can easily make manual payments with Ameritas as well. With the flexible payments, Ameritas makes it super-easy to manage your account. With many online dental insurance companies, you don’t have payment options and you have to either pay online or pay manually but there’s no option. For individuals who’d prefer options, it can be quite frustrating. Luckily, Ameritas knows that not all customers are the same and while some prefer one method, others may prefer a different method.

Ameritas offers a comprehensive amount of information that you can use to determine whether you’d like to move forward with their company or choose another company. Even the tips and tricks available on the site can help you choose the right kind of coverage whether you go with Ameritas or not. If you do choose to go with their company, the vast amount of tools they have allows you to manage your accounts easily, find dentists within the programs, and make your payments however you’d like to make them. The features offered by this company are outstanding. The customer service and support is also unmatched, and with an industry that’s quite confusing such as this one, having someone to answer your questions is invaluable. Overall, Ameritas is an extremely competitive company that offers their customers everything they need to obtain good dental coverage and manage their accounts easily and quickly.
Official site : http://www.ameritasgroup.com/

3.Delta Dental

Delta Denta Delta Dental has been helping people take control of their oral health for over 50 years

Since the beginning, we've led the industry in designing innovative dental coverage programs that keep costs down and deliver quality care. Our diverse client list includes everyone from Fortune 100 companies to public agencies to individuals and families.

Additional Features:
In addition to the regular features offered by Delta Dental, there are some extra features that make this company unique. The online forms make it easy to enroll in the plan and start saving money on dentist visits immediately. There are online tools that help you to track a claim, and there are plan comparisons available so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Employers who need dental plans will find a great deal of tools available as well – and there are tools for producers and administrators too.

This makes Delta Dental a user-friendly site, whether you need to purchase dental insurance for yourself, for your employees or you have other reasons for visiting the site. These additional features make it easy for you to save time and accomplish the things you must do without contacting a customer service representative.

Help and Support:
One of the most important things a company can do is provide a section on their website with frequently asked questions. This makes it easy for you to find the answers to your questions without having to contact a representative of the company. By doing this, companies can save themselves and their customers a lot of time. Delta Dental provides both a frequently asked questions section and phone numbers so you can contact them if you should have a question that is not answered in the FAQ. Unfortunately, there are no email addresses and online chat is not available. However, with the FAQ and contact numbers, Delta Dental seems to be competitive in their help and support area.

Delta Dental provides two different options when it comes to payment – so you can decide what’s easier for you. You can utilize the online payment option to easily and quickly take care of your bill every month, or you can choose to pay it manually. While some individuals find the online payment more convenient, others choose to make for the payment themselves because they can more easily keep track of what they’re spending.

By paying the bill online, you can also take advantage of the online receipts and file your information more easily than waiting to receive a receipt via regular mail. This is also the more eco-friendly option, if you’re an eco-conscious individual. The option exists, making Delta Dental a flexible and easy company to do business with.

All in all, Delta Dental seems to be an excellent company to get online dental insurance from. With a comprehensive list of features designed to make things easier for you, as well as helpful customer support – it’s easy to get what you need from this company and be sure that you’re covered in all areas. Because there is so much information available on the site, individuals can find out what they need to find out in order to determine whether they’ll move forward with this particular company or search for another that better suits their needs. While many companies hold back information in an attempt to get customers to choose them, Delta Dental freely provides the information in an attempt to honestly obtain customers who trust them. There’s no question as to which is the better method. In addition to that, the flexible payment options and intense amount of information provided by Delta Dental help you rest assured that you’re making the right decision. It’s a great company to choose for your dental coverage needs.
Official site : http://www.deltadentalins.com/

4. Guardian Dental Care

Guardian Dental Care Guardian Dental Care is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they offer both group/employment plans and individual dental insurance plans. It’s not indicated on the website whether there’s a copayment option or not, but there is no pre-certification requirement. When it comes to the features offered by Guardian Dental Care, it’s easy to see that they’re a competitive company.

Additional Features:
While many companies offer additional features (features that standout from the standard ones offered in the industry), Guardian Dental Care only offers one to speak of. That’s the ability to compare plans in order to determine which one would be best for your unique situation. This lets you look at the features and costs of each plan so that it’s easier to decide which one you’ll choose.

Help and Support:
Few companies have excellent help and support. Most offer decent help and support options, but Guardian Dental Care truly shows their competitive side in this area. With the ability to read through the FAQ on their website to find answers to common questions, you can usually find the information you need without contacting a representative. However, if you should need to contact a representative, you can take advantage of the live chat option available, or you can send an email or make a phone call. With these options, Guardian Dental Care shows how important it is to them that you’re able to have your questions answered and your cares addressed.

Guardian Dental Care offers a few different options for payment – including online payment or manual payment. So, you can either pay online and save yourself time, or pay the bill manually; whichever is more convenient for you. It’s wonderful that you have options like these with Guardian Dental Care.

Overall, Guardian Dental Care seems to be an extremely competitive company that would benefit customers who are in need of dental insurance. Whether you’re an individual or an employer needing coverage – this company has a slew of advantages and benefits. While they’re a little lacking in the additional features department, they make up for it in the consistently positive and superior service offered in the other areas.
Official site : https://www.guardiananytime.com/

5. MetLife

metlife MetLife, Inc. is a leading provider of insurance and other financial services to millions of individual and institutional customers throughout the United States.

Outside the U.S., MetLife companies have direct insurance operations in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe.

Additional Features:
Aside from the regular features offered by MetLife Dental, there are some additional features that stand out. For instance, you have the ability to fill out claims online, track claims to determine the status, and compare plans in order to determine which is the best for you and your individual needs.

Help and Support:
Help and support is important from an online dental insurance company, and MetLife Dental offers a few different ways in which you can receive good customer service and support. The Frequently Asked Questions section on their website allows you to quickly browse and find the answers to common questions. Often, you can get the information you need right from this section with no need to contact a customer service representative. However, at times you’ll need to speak directly with a representative of the company and you can do this by calling the numbers posted on the site. There is no email option or online chat.

MetLife primarily deals with group/employee dental plans, so payments are made by the employer, not the employee. Traditionally, this means the employer will simply remove the premium payment directly from the employee's paycheck.

Overall, MetLife Dental seems to be a fairly good company to go with. However, it’s important that you research different online dental insurance companies in order to compare features and costs before making a decision. MetLife Dental offers a great deal of information on their website that is split up into organized sections to make it helpful for you. They provide a great deal of tools that make things easier for you and save you time. In addition, they have good customer service and support. If they would indicate what their payments are, individuals would be able to immediately see the difference between their company and others, making the decision a little easier. Still, they seem to be a good company to go with.
Official site : http://global.metlife.com/

6. Aetna Dental

Aetna Dental Additional Features:
In addition to the typical features offered by Aetna Dental, there are some features that stand out. For instance, you have the ability to fill out claims forms online, saving you a great deal of time. You can also track those claims with tools laid out for you by Aetna Dental. You’re able to make comparisons of the plans in order to determine which one would be best for your unique situation. In this area, Aetna Dental seems to be quite competitive in offering tools for their customers.

Help and Support:

Customer support and help are very important when it comes to getting online dental insurance. If you have a question or concern, you need to be able to get an answer as soon as possible – especially if you’re trying to decide which company to go with. Aetna Dental provides several ways for you to receive help and support, starting with their online FAQ. This is a section of their website where they’ve listed the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Typically, you can find answers to all of your questions just by reading through this section. If you should need to speak with a customer service representative, Aetna has listed email addresses and phone numbers on their website so that you can speak with someone and have your question answered or issue resolved. They seem to be extremely competitive in this area.

With Aetna, you make your payments online. They do not offer the option for manual payments, which is unfortunate, since many other companies do. However, most users will find that the online payments are quite convenient.
Overall, Aetna Dental seems to be quite competitive in all aspects of their company. They offer a great deal of features to make it easier for you to manage your accounts and track claims. Their help and support is top-notch, and the information available on the site makes it easy for you to get all the answers and help you need. While it’s recommended that you research several companies before making a decision, Aetna seems to be a great company to go forward with.
Official site : http://www.aetna.com

7. Humana Dental Insurance

humana dental HumanaDental Insurance Company has grown into one of the nation’s 10 largest dental insurance carriers* in the United States. Here are some reasons to select HumanaDental:

*Our dentist network is one of the nation’s largest with more than 130,000 dentist locations, and we’re continually expanding.
*Members and their families benefit from negotiated discounts, averaging 28 percent, by choosing dentists in our network.
* Our affordable, flexible plan designs are simple to buy and use.
*We have a proven track record of exceeding important industry standards such as financial accuracy and *You receive information the way you want it. Log on to our Website, call our automated information line, or talk with a customer service representative.
*Members receive a free vision discount program that provides savings up to 45 percent on eye care and eye wear at 20,000 locations.

While there are a few different things that Humana doesn’t offer which are offered by other online dental insurance companies – overall, it seems to be a good company. With extensive features and benefits for its customers, Humana Dental provides a good service that provides you with everything you need.
Official site : http://www.humana.com    

8.The Standard

The Standard For more than 100 years, The Standard, through its subsidiaries, has helped people achieve financial security so they can confidently pursue their dreams.

Approximately 8.5 million people across the country depend on our financial products and services. But even more than our products, it is our industry-recognized expertise and singular focus on customer service inspire confidence that set us apart. At The Standard, we offer a positively different way of doing things and we take pride in earning and keeping your business.

Additional Features:
Most companies offer additional features that stand out from their typical ones. The Standard Dental doesn’t offer a whole lot of these, but the few they do offer are very convenient. For instance, you can utilize tools for tracking a claim online, allowing you to determine the status of your claim without contacting a company representative. You can also take advantage of the tools for employers and producers offered.

Help and Support:
Help and support are very important when it comes to an online dental insurance company. Some companies offer an FAQ and online chat, but The Standard Dental does not. However, they do offer email addresses and phone numbers so you can contact a customer service representative whenever you need to.

The method of payments is not indicated on The Standard Dental’s website, unfortunately. In order to determine this information, you would have to contact the company.

While The Standard Dental does not offer many different features and tools that many other companies offer, they seem to provide a great basic service. If they would describe their payment methods and increased their additional features and customer service, The Standard would have a stellar service. As it is, they seem to be a positive company to go with once you have a little more information.

Official site : www3.standard.com

9.Select Dental

Select Dental Additional Features:
While many other companies offer a slew of additional features that stand out, Select Dental only offers a few. One of the best features offered is the ability to compare plans in order to determine the features and costs of each one. This allows you to find the plan that is perfect for your unique situation and needs. The other additional features offered are more beneficial to administrators than anyone else. Unique tools are offered so administrators can manage accounts online more easily.

Help and Support:
Help and support from an online dental insurance company is very important. Whether you have questions that need to be answered or concerns that must be addressed – it’s essential that you receive attention quickly. Select Dental has a few different options for your convenience. First and foremost, you’re able to read through the Frequently Asked Questions section of their website.
Most companies offer the choice of online payments or manual payments. Some customers find one option more convenient while others prefer the second option. In this case, the payment method is not indicated on the website, so individuals would need to contact the company to retrieve this information.

Overall, Select Dental has a great service that allows individuals to obtain a lot of great information and utilize tools to make things much more convenient for them. While you’re encouraged to research several online dental insurance companies before making your decision, this company seems to be a very competitive, great company to move forward with.
Official site : http://selectdental.com/

10.Dental for Everyone

Dental for Everyone DentalForEveryone.com offers access to affordable dental insurance plans for a wide variety of employers, groups and individuals, making it possible for everyone to receive proper dental care and improve overall health. Our online portfolio features insurance quotes from the top carriers in the industry, including Delta Dental, Standard Life, Madison Dental, Careington and many others.

Additional Features:
While most online dental insurance companies offer additional features, or those that stand out from the others, Dental for Everyone only offers one additional feature. That is the ability to compare plans so that you can determine which one is best for your unique situation and needs.

Help and Support:

It’s extremely important that you’re able to get the level of help and support that you deserve when trying to choose an online dental insurance company – and even after you become a customer. Dental for Everyone offers a few different options to enable you to receive that help and support. There is no FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section available on the website, and you don’t have the ability to chat with a representative via the website, however, there are phone numbers and email addresses posted so that you can easily get in touch with a representative of the company.

Most online dental insurance companies offer manual or online payment options to make things easy on their customers. Since Dental for Everyone actually has a portfolio that includes several different dental care providers (Delta Dental, Madison Dental, Careington, Standard Life, etc), the payment options will vary depending on the actual provider you go with.
While Dental for Everyone may be lacking some of the bells and whistles that other companies offer their customers, they seem to be a fairly competitive company. They offer the basic benefits that most individuals look for in an online dental company, and even some extra features and advantages that many companies don’t offer. All around, it seems that Dental for Everyone is a fairly good company to utilize when you need online dental insurance.
Official site : http://dentalforeveryone.com

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