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Top 10 Best Health Insurance Company (2013)

Want to find the best insurance providers, do not rush to make a decision if you have not read the reviews we provide. below are the best 10 health insurance providers that we recommend :
Table of Top 10 Best Health Insurance Provider (2013)
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humana insurance The first order was achieved by humana Insurance, humana got the great rating with Gold Award Winner. Humana has a large network that includes 544,000 physicians and 4,000 hospitals. That makes it easy for you to save money by using in-network providers no matter where you are.

The Humana approach to individual health insurance has been serving customers well for over 50 years.
Humana One is flexible, affordable health insurance for individuals and families. With Humana One, self-employed entrepreneurs, students, recent college graduates, and early retirees can get the coverage they need and get negotiated rates with network providers. Plus many of our plans include some features often found only in employer health plans, such as preventive care coverage and wellness programs.
Humana One plans are backed by a division of Humana Inc., one of the nation's largest publicly traded health and supplemental benefits companies.

Affordability: Healthcare Cost
As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, we recognize the value of finding a reliable health insurance company that offers affordable health insurance for individuals. We'll help you find coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget. And Humana One plans include features designed to help reduce your healthcare costs.

Choice & Flexibility: Choosing a Health Insurance Plan
When you select a Humana One health insurance plan, you can choose from several plan types and deductible levels - and you may be able to add any extras you need at an additional cost. As a member, you have flexibility to choose any doctor or hospital you prefer. However, when you choose one of our in-network providers, Humana will cover a larger percentage of the cost. And most of our plans are portable, so your coverage can continue if you move to another participating state.

Humana offers experience and expertise that will make it easier for you to find affordable health insurance that addresses your needs. We found a wide variety of plan types and a lot of choice within those plans concerning deductibles. Humana's expansive network of doctors and hospitals will make it easy to find providers that charge cheaper, in-network rates, even when you are far from home. You will be able to manage your account through a well-organized web site or app via your mobile phone. This company puts everything you need for finding private medical insurance within easy reach.
Visit site : http://www.humana.com

2. UnitedHealth Group

unitedhealth one In the second position achived by UnitedHealth Group, with Silver Award winner,  has been offering insurance of one type or another since 1974. This company provides an impressive selection of individual health insurance plans under the brand name UnitedHealthOne.

UnitedHealthOne offers many types of plans, and that ensures there is coverage to suit most potential enrollees. You will see high deductible plans as an option, which many people like because of the accompanying low premiums. There also are Health Savings Account plans, which give you more control by letting you set aside money tax-free for future health expenses. There also is a vast selection of short-term and copay plans.

UnitedHealthOne offers many types of plans, and that ensures there is coverage to suit most potential enrollees. You will see high deductible plans as an option, which many people like because of the accompanying low premiums. There also are Health Savings Account plans, which give you more control by letting you set aside money tax-free for future health expenses. There also is a vast selection of short-term and copay plans.

If you sign on with UnitedHealthOne, you are getting into a fairly large network of doctors and hospitals – 544,000 and 5,400, respectively. That will make it more likely you are paying lower, in-network prices, even if you travel a lot.

If you are looking for high-quality, low-cost health insurance, UnitedHealthOne is an excellent resource. The variety in the plans and pricing is very nice, and the large network of doctors and hospitals will make it more likely that you will pay low, in-network prices every time. 
Visit Site : http://www.uhone.com


aetna insuranceThe third position achieved by aetna insurance with bronze award winning, Aetna has been in the life insurance business for a very long time, since 1850. It entered the health insurance game in 1899. Practice does not always make perfect, but in Aetna's case, all the experience has surely helped.

Aetna provides a truly wide range of medical insurance plans, and we think you will benefit from the selection. As we searched for plans that would fit the lifestyles of different demographics, we were impressed to find so many options in so many states. You can really pick and choose what you are comfortable with in terms of deductibles, level of coverage and other plan details. You can choose Health Savings Account plans, which allow you to put money aside, tax-free, and to use it for qualified health expenses.
With Aetna you do not get the option of short-term plans specifically. We consider that a drawback if you are between jobs, a recent college graduate or waiting to be enrolled in company insurance. Not everyone in the market for individual health insurance is looking for something short-term, though. If you're searching for more long-term coverage, Aetna is a good option.

Taking charge of your health can be hard these days. You have so many choices. And everything seems more complicated.
Aetna make it easier for you to get quality health coverage. Whether you have an Aetna health benefits or insurance plan through work or buy directly from us, you also get help to:
  • Live healthier
  • Understand your plan choices and get the most out of your health plan
  • Make confident decisions about your health, your care and your finances
Whether you buy a health benefits and insurance plan through your employer or on your own, we offer:
  • Access to a diverse network of doctors and top specialists that are close to home
  • Tools that help you manage your benefits and make smart decisions about how much you pay for health care
  • Information to feel confident about the health care choices you make
  • Patient support, including disease-specific treatment programs.
Aetna offers an extra-large network of physicians and hospitals, and that will make your life easier. There are over 587,000 physicians in the network and 5,400 hospitals. You will almost always be able to find health care that is in-network, and that will save you money.
Summary: We would prefer to see short-term plans as an offering, but in all other categories Aetna gives so much choice to its customers. This is a company with a good reputation overall and a lot of experience that will benefit you and your family. With so many choices, Aetna is bound to have a low-cost health insurance plan that will fit your needs.
Visit Site : http://www.aetna.com

4. ANTHEM INSRUANCE (BlueCross BlueShield)

anthem insuranceAnthem BlueCross BlueShield falls under the umbrella of WellPoint, a huge health insurance provider that operates BlueCross BlueShield brands in many states. Anthem BlueCross BlueShield offers a respectable range of private health insurance plans in 12 states.

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield offers a range of traditional copayment plans, Health Savings Account plans and more. This company makes it easy to add other types of insurance to your health plan, including dental, vision and life insurance. It also offers what it calls a Balance plan, which will ensure you get cash benefits to pay bills in case you become disabled by a major accident or illness.
This company puts an emphasis on wellness of its customers with the 360-degree Health program. The program offers information and support for dealing with the health issues that are specific to your life. You get access to registered nurses who can coach you and help you manage things like diabetes, birth defects, back pain, weight loss and more.

As we shopped the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield site for insurance, we found some low prices. One plan for a 27-year-old non-smoker costs only $54 per month, though that comes with a pretty high deductible. There is another plan that costs $102 per month that offers better coverage and a reasonable $2,500 deductible. We are rather unimpressed with the family plans we found. The best bet we saw was ClearProtection, which costs close to $400 per month and still has a pretty steep annual out-of-pocket max of $17,000. If you are shopping for a family, this is probably not the best company to go with.

This site is relatively easy to use and is one of the few that offers live chat, which really can come in handy if you just have a quick question. You can even talk with actual agents if your question is more complex.

Summary: The plans for families were quite underwhelming with Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, but we like many of the plans for individuals that we saw. This is one branch of a very well established and respected company, and you will find some good options for affordable health insurance with easy ways to add dental, vision, life and other insurance as well.
Visit site : https://www.anthem.com


celtic insuranceCeltic has been offering insurance in one form or another for more than 30 years and has evolved into a solid source of private medical insurance in 34 states. In our review of the best medical insurance, we looked for companies that offer a lot of choice, and Celtic does. You will find an assortment of copay and health savings account plans in different price ranges.

Many of the Celtic options allow you to easily add life, vision and disability insurance to your health plan. We value the ability to shop for and manage all of those insurance needs in one place. Noticeably missing from this company's offerings are short-term plans, which could be a drawback for anyone who just needs coverage for a few months between other insurance.

As we looked for plans to fit specific stages of life, we were impressed with the selection Celtic offers. We scrolled through two and half screens that were packed with plans to fit our family of four, and another two and half screens that could accommodate young adults who are no longer covered by their parent's insurance.

We found a plan for a 27-year-old non-smoker priced as low as $77.80, but we prefer one priced slightly higher than that – the Celtic Basic PPO 80/20 Plan, which has a monthly premium of $96.95. This plan offers the traditional coverage that you will be familiar with from employer plans. It pays for 80 percent of most medical expenses and has a $5,000 annual deductible.
For a family of four, the lowest price we found is about $330 a month. Our favorite option, though, is the CeltiCare Preferred Select PPO 80/20 plan. With it, you pay only 20 percent of your medical expenses and a few copayments as well.

Celtic makes it pretty easy to navigate its site and find a plan that fits. You can shop and apply without ever leaving your home. If you have questions, this company makes it pretty easy to reach someone by phone or email.

Summary: Celtic lacks a few things we prefer to see, including short-term plans, but we found some good plans on the company's site. Celtic covers quite a broad geographical area, which will make it more helpful to a wider audience than many of the companies we evaluated for our health insurance review.
Visit : http://www.celtic-net.com


assurant healthAssurant Health is a lesser-known company that offers some good medical insurance plans for individuals and families. This provider has fewer choices in some areas, but the essentials all are there.

You will find Health Savings Account plans as well as short-term plans. The company's short-term plan selection is probably the best we saw among the providers we reviewed. You can get plans for as short a time span as 30 days and as long as 180 days. These can help if you are waiting for employer benefits to start or if you are between jobs. Assurant also offers what it calls Critical Illness Insurance, which will help you keep up with bills if you are disabled by an illness. There is a cancer and stroke plan, and a separate plan for other critical illnesses. Assurant makes it easy to add dental and life insurance to your medical plan, and we like that. There is no way to tack on vision insurance, though. Also, this company places little emphasis on overall health. We didn't find any wellness programs or discounts on health-promoting products.

There are some great bargains for low-cost health insurance with Assurant. We found a plan that costs only $61.81 a month. The coverage is not great, but it would offer peace of mind about major medical problems. We like the CoreMed Plan best, which is priced at $104.93 a month and covers 80 percent of most potential medical expenses after a $5,000 deductible. We like a CoreMed Plan best for a family of four as well. For about $400 a month, you can get 80 percent of most medical expenses covered.

The Assurant site is very easy to use, though we wish the plan information was a little more detailed. You can get a quote and apply online in minutes using the site, and customer service representatives are just a phone call away if you have questions.

Assurant Health is part of Assurant, a premier provider of specialized insurance products and related services in North America and select worldwide markets. The four key businesses -- Assurant Solutions, Assurant Specialty Property, Assurant Health, and Assurant Employee Benefits -- partner with clients who are leaders in their industries and have built leadership positions in a number of specialty insurance market segments in the U.S. and select worldwide markets.

Assurant, a Fortune 500 company and a member of the S&P 500, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AIZ. Assurant has approximately $28 billion in assets and $8 billion in annual revenue. Assurant has approximately 14,000 employees worldwide and is headquartered in New York's financial district.

Summary: Assurant has been in the insurance business for a very long time and covers 44 states. The company does not offer everything we were looking for from a health insurance provider, including wellness programs and the ability to add vision insurance, but we found some decent plans, especially for individuals, and you won't find a better source for short-term insurance.
Visit site : http://www.assurant.com


selecthealth insuranceSelectHealth covers such a small geographical area that it can't assist most people in their search for affordable health insurance, but those in the coverage area will benefit greatly from this company's offerings. SelectHealth is the insurance arm of Intermountain Healthcare, a nonprofit healthcare provider in Utah and Idaho that includes a network of 22 hospitals.

SelectHealth offers a variety of plans, including the familiar copay-style plans, high-deductible plans and short-term plans. You can tailor the short-term plans to your situation, so they can be as short as one month. These plans will come in handy if you are waiting for benefits to kick in for insurance through a new job. Short-term plans do not cover pre-existing conditions or preventative care, but they can protect you in emergencies.

SelectHealth's LiVe Well program is at least as impressive as the wellness components of larger health insurance companies. SelectHealth offers so many resources, both online and off, for preventing health problems before they start. You can log into the company's MyHealth portal for a personal assessment that will identify your risks and ways to improve your overall health.

We are so impressed by the selection of individual plans from this provider, especially considering its small size. We saw a plan priced as low as $68 a month that could offer security for uninsured non-smokers in their 20s. We feel that an even better plan is the Select Value HealthSave plan, which covers 80 percent of most medical expenses and has a noticeably low annual deductible of $1,500.

There are also many great family plans from SelectHealth. We like the Select Care Preference plan, which covers 80 percent of your family's health expenses for about $400 a month. All the plans we looked at cover mental-health expenses, and we consider that a plus because many plans do not.

SelectHealth makes it very easy to search for physicians, obtain quotes and apply for policies online. We could not find an easy way to email customer service, but they are easy enough to reach by phone.

Aside from the fact that it does not facilitate the addition of life, vision and other insurance, SelectHealth is a great resource. It is a small provider that offers excellent low-cost health insurance. If you are lucky enough to live in the coverage area, it is a good option. Most folks will have to rely on competitors, though.
Visit site : http://www.selecthealth.org


kaiser permanenteKaiser Permanente is a respected and well-known name in the world of health insurance. The company offers a decent selection of individual health insurance plans in 10 states. Its website can help you zero in on copay, deductible and health savings account plans that work for your situation.

This is not the place to shop for short-term plans, and we prefer to have that option with a medical insurance company, but the coverage we found for those who need something long-term is fairly good. We found Kaiser Permanente's pricing to be higher in general than the plans we found on competitors' sites, though. When we searched for health insurance quotes with the same scenario across multiple states, we struggled to find any plans that were priced as low as Kaiser's competitors are.

For a 27-year-old non-smoking male, we found a plan priced at $119 per month, but the deductible is high at $8,000, and the plan does not cover much. We liked the KP 2000/30/Rx plan better, but we found that it is priced high for what you get. You still have to pay 30 percent of most medical expenses plus copayments. We found the family plans equally pricey. The KP Deductible HMO 6000/50 is okay, but it only pays for 60 percent of most medical services and it costs well over $500 a month.

Kaiser Permanente dedicates a lot of online real estate to wellness information, and we like that. There are more than 40,000 searchable health topics, healthy recipes and online programs for things like stress management.

We like how this site makes it easy for potential customers by keeping the jargon at a minimum. The plan summaries use terms that everyone can understand and highlight what is important with wording like "coverage mostly for the big stuff." You can always get more detail deeper in the documentation, but this sort of language really makes sense for early research. The Kaiser Permanente site also makes it very easy to manage a plan through the online portal, if you become a customer. This is one of the few sites that has live chat assistance, which is great if you have a quick question.

The pricing from Kaiser Permanente is noticeably higher overall, but that is not the primary concern for every insurance shopper. This company offers high quality health insurance coverage for individuals and families in 10 states.
Visit Site : https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/html/kaiser/index.shtml


cigna insuranceCigna has become a well-known and well-respected source of private health insurance over its 30-year history. We found a decent selection of Cigna plans with room for personalization, though there are not quite as many options as we found with other providers.

Cigna does offer copay plans as well as Health Savings Account plans, which offer a great deal of flexibility in how you spend your money. We were not able to find any short-term plans, and we prefer to have that option.

You can easily piggyback dental insurance onto your individual health insurance if you like, but we did not see a way to easily add vision, disability and other types of insurance that you might need. It is so much easier to be able to purchase and manage all of those in one place, and Cigna does not facilitate that. If you already have a provider for those types of insurance, you may not mind.

Cigna offers a vast network of physicians – over 500,000 – as well as the largest group of hospitals we saw in our health insurance review. There are more than 8,000. That will save you money because it makes it so much easier to find someone to provide health care at in-network prices. The company's associated network of dental professionals also is vast, with 72,000 nationwide.

We found some decent Cigna deals for a single person who is recently ineligible for their parents' insurance and for a young family of four. For a 27-year-old, single non-smoker, we saw a plan priced as low as $92 a month, but we like the Open Access Value Plan best, at $102 a month. For a family of four we like the Open Access Value plan best as well, which would cost $426 a month. It covers 70 percent of most medical expenses you might have.

Cigna makes it really easy to find the best health insurance online with a well-organized website that allows you to get a quote quickly and easily. Good customer support and a handy smartphone app also help to make Cigna user-friendly.
Cigna does not allow you to easily combine your medical with vision and other types of insurance, but we are happy with the individual plans we found. We also found their website to be among the easiest to navigate. That will save you time and hassle when you are shopping.
Visit site : http://www.cigna.com


conventry health careCoventry Health Care is a relatively young health insurance provider, but it is worth a look if you live in one of the 22 states in which it offers coverage. The company has a large assortment of low-cost health insurance that could suit people in many demographics.

This is not the company you want if you are looking for a one-stop shop. We saw health plans and health plans only on its website. There is no sign of life, dental, vision or other types of insurance. Many of the companies we considered allowed you to piggyback those other kinds of insurance, and we prefer companies that have that option. The Coventry health plan selection is impressive, though, and it includes the option of health savings account plans. Those can be nice if you want a little more control over what you spend on health care. You can set some money aside throughout the year to apply to deductibles or other upcoming health expenses.

In terms of individual health insurance plans, we were impressed by the sheer quantity. We found a plan priced at only $55.92 a month, but we would go with something more like CoventryOne Plan 14A. For a little more than $100 a month, you get coverage for most major medical expenses. We were not overly impressed with the percentages, though. You have to pay up to 50 percent of the cost for some services, including in-network surgery. That seems steep when other plans in that price range cover up to 80 percent on similar procedures.

What we found for family plans is largely the same story – quantity but not always the best quality. The best bet is probably the CoventryOne Plan 23A, which costs $416.13 per month. It will cover 70 percent of most medical bills. That's a decent deal, but we saw better prices from other providers.

The Coventry site is pretty easy to use, but more plan details would have been helpful in some cases. If you have questions, customer service representatives are available by phone and email.

Coventry does not offer an easy way to add life, dental, vision or other types of insurance, but the company does have some decent coverage for major medical insurance. With its expansive selection, you just might find the perfect match for your needs among its many plans.
Visit Site : http://coventryhealthcare.com/
How? been able to take the best decision to purchase the best insurance. Good Luck!

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