Best Health Insurance Provider Reviews 2014

Hello, we meet again, on the last post we have discuss about best renters insurance 2014, today we will post about best health insurance companies 2014.
The right individual health insurance provider offers a wide selection of plans that fit specific needs, plans that allow you to focus on healing from an illness rather than worrying about paying bills. The strongest health insurance companies have experience and a reputation for excellence. They make the entire experience as smooth as can be, from finding and buying the right policy to managing it. The following are the specific criteria we used to find the best health insurance providers:

Quality private health insurance providers offer a wide range of plan types. You should be able to find just what you want – health savings account plans, copayment plans or short-term plans – at a price that fits your budget. We like the providers that make it easy to add features like dental, vision and other coverage too, so that you can manage all of your insurance needs in one place if you like. The best health insurance providers have many years of experience and large networks of doctors and hospitals, so you know that you can work with the health care providers you like and trust.

A great health insurance company offers great plans. We compared the deals we could find for typical health insurance shoppers and considered the quality of the coverage for the price. The best plans pay a generous share of the bill for everything you would expect and a few extras as well. We looked for companies that offer many options for individuals and families so that you can find a monthly premium and annual deductible that work well for your specific situation.

Ease of Use
The best providers make it simple to find and manage the best plan for you and your family with online tools. You should be able to get quotes easily and even apply online. We like the companies that map out the details of every plan clearly on their sites so that there are no surprises.

Help & Support
Health insurance is a complicated topic that will likely illicit questions from many consumers, so companies that offer health insurance plans need to be accessible to clients through many channels. Their websites should offer a lot of information, and customer service agents should be easy to contact via email or telephone.

OK, here are Top 10 the best healht insurance companies 2014


humana insurance

A vast network of physicians will make it easier to avoid out-of-network fees.

An online chat feature would make this site even more user friendly.

The Verdict
With years of experience and a huge selection of plans Humana is an excellent source of individual health insurance.

Humana Summary(Score : 9.9/10)
Humana offers experience and expertise that will make it easier for you to find affordable health insurance that addresses your needs. We found a wide variety of plan types and a lot of choice within those plans concerning deductibles. Humana's expansive network of doctors and hospitals will make it easy to find providers that charge cheaper, in-network rates, even when you are far from home. You will be able to manage your account through a well-organized web site or app via your mobile phone. This company puts everything you need for finding private medical insurance within easy reach.

Official site :

2. UnitedHealthOne INSURANCE

united health insurance

The wide variety of plan types means there will be a plan to fit most individuals.

Discounts on health-promoting products would make a nice addition to UnitedHealthOne offerings.

The Verdict
Better wellness programs would add a lot but this provider offers an impressive selection of quality private health insurance.

UnitedHealthOne Summary (Score : 9.4/10)
If you are looking for high-quality, low-cost health insurance, UnitedHealthOne is an excellent resource. The variety in the plans and pricing is very nice, and the large network of doctors and hospitals will make it more likely that you will pay low, in-network prices every time.

Official site :


aetna insurance
This company has a lot of experience and a good reputation.

A lack of short-term plans limits selection.

The Verdict
High quality coverage and the ability to piggyback many types of insurance make Aetna a solid choice.

Aetna Summary (Score : 8.9/10)
We would prefer to see short-term plans as an offering, but in all other categories Aetna gives so much choice to its customers. This is a company with a good reputation overall and a lot of experience that will benefit you and your family. With so many choices, Aetna is bound to have a low-cost health insurance plan that will fit your needs.

Official site :


anthem insurance

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield makes it easy to add dental, vision and other types of insurance.

This company does not have the best selection of family plans.

The Verdict
This company covers only a handful of states, and its selection of family plans is limited, but we like the affordable health insurance we found for individuals.

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Summary (Score : 8.7/10)
The plans for families were quite underwhelming with Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, but we like many of the plans for individuals that we saw. This is one branch of a very well established and respected company, and you will find some good options for affordable health insurance with easy ways to add dental, vision, life and other insurance as well.

Official site :


celtic insurance

This company covers a large geographical area.

The Celtic website lacks information on health and wellness topics.

The Verdict
Even without short-term options, Celtic manages to offer a wide selection of plans that fit different stages of life.

Celtic Summary (Score : 8.6/10)
Celtic lacks a few things we prefer to see, including short-term plans, but we found some good plans on the company's site. Celtic covers quite a broad geographical area, which will make it more helpful to a wider audience than many of the companies we evaluated for our health insurance review.

Official site :


assurant insurance

Assurant's short-term plan selection is extensive.

This company does not offer a way to add vision insurance.

The Verdict
Assurant lacks a few features, but we like their options for individuals, including the many short-term plans.

Assurant Summary (Score : 8.4/10)
Assurant has been in the insurance business for a very long time and covers 44 states. The company does not offer everything we were looking for from a health insurance provider, including wellness programs and the ability to add vision insurance, but we found some decent plans, especially for individuals, and you won't find a better source for short-term insurance.

Official site :


selecthealth insurance

Plan selection is truly impressive, especially for such a small company.

There is no easy way to add vision or life insurance.

The Verdict
SelectHealth's small size means that it can only serve a handful of people.

SelectHealth Summary (Score : 8.1/10)
Aside from the fact that it does not facilitate the addition of life, vision and other insurance, SelectHealth is a great resource. It is a small provider that offers excellent low-cost health insurance. If you are lucky enough to live in the coverage area, it is a good option. Most folks will have to rely on competitors, though.

Official site :


kaiser permanente insurance

Kaiser Permanente has outstanding wellness programs for its customers.

Plan prices are comparatively high and there are no short-term plan options.

The Verdict
Although it lacks a few options and many of its plans are overpriced, Kaiser Permanente offers a decent selection of high quality health insurance.

Kaiser Permanente Summary (Score : 8.1/10)
The pricing from Kaiser Permanente is noticeably higher overall, but that is not the primary concern for every insurance shopper. This company offers high quality health insurance coverage for individuals and families in 10 states.

Official site :


cigna insurance

Cigna's website is excellent and easy to use.

This company does not let you combine basic health coverage with vision and disability insurance.

The Verdict
Although its plan variety is not quite as extensive, Cigna has a decent selection of affordable health insurance.

Cigna Summary (Score : 7.8/10)
Cigna does not allow you to easily combine your medical with vision and other types of insurance, but we are happy with the individual plans we found. We also found their website to be among the easiest to navigate. That will save you time and hassle when you are shopping.

Official site :


conventry insurance

The sheer quantity of health insurance plans Coventry Health Care offers is impressive.

This company does not allow you to add dental, vision or life insurance.

The Verdict
Coventry Health Care lacks some important features, but we like its long lists of options for individuals.

Coventry Summary (Score : 5.6/10)
Coventry does not offer an easy way to add life, dental, vision or other types of insurance, but the company does have some decent coverage for major medical insurance. With its expansive selection, you just might find the perfect match for your needs among its many plans.

official site :

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statefarm insurance 2014

State Farm offers renters insurance for the broadest range of coverage needs, whether for a poor college students or wealthy entrepreneurs, and offers useful features and services.

This insurer does not offer live chat or FAQs on its website.

The Verdict
State Farm offers ample discounts, and its great flexibility in choosing coverage options will help you meet all your coverage needs as a renter.

State Farm Summary (Score : 9/10)
State Farm offers the best renters insurance for the broadest range of coverage needs, whether it's for a poor college student with minimal coverage for a dorm room or a wealthy entrepreneur who wants to insure his penthouse furnishings and items. The company offers all the features and services we looked for and ample discounts to help you secure a cost-effective renters' policy. Its online quote system works well, and customer service is helpful and knowledgeable, though you may be referred to a local agent. This insurer will meet all your coverage needs as a renter.

Official site :


geico insurance 2014

The company offers every feature and service we looked for, and several policy discounts with ample coverage amounts and options.

GEICO only covers up to $200 for silverware and goldware, unless you purchase an enhancement to boost the coverage. It has no live chat on its website.

The Verdict
Volume sales and several underwriters allow GEICO to shop for the best quotes for your renters insurance to potentially offer you a good price. You can't go wrong with Geico.

Summary (8.7/10)
GEICO offers top-rated renters insurance through several underwriters, which gives the company leeway to offer cost-effective policies because of greater volume of policy underwriting. The company offer ample discounts based on security and safety, and whether you have a good claims record. Basic coverage and deductibles offered in its renters insurance should meet all your needs, and the company offers every feature and service we looked for. Depending on the rates offered in your region or city, you likely can't go wrong with GEICO.

Official site :


travelers insurance 2014
Travelers is a solid company that offers various safety, security and reliability discounts with efficient services and support.

This insurer does not offer renters insurance in Florida, Louisiana, Hawaii and Alaska.

The Verdict
Travelers will write almost any policy you need, with sufficient coverage to protect your personal belongings and provide liability coverage for visitors who may be injured on your rental property.

Summary (Score : 8.4/10 )
Travelers renters insurance offers several discounts to potentially get you a good premium on your insurance. It has maximum coverage amounts in both property and liability that are high enough to meet most any renter's coverage needs, to give you security and peace of mind. It offers an online quote system that is easy to navigate and lets you change coverage scenarios for varied quotes. The company offers renters insurance in only 46 states, but it rates Superior in financial strength and will likely meet all your renters insurance needs if you live in one of the 46 states this company covers.

Official site :


allstate insurance 2014

Allstate has an excellent coverage calculator to help you determine the value of your belongings to ensure that you get the right amount of coverage. It offers a low deductible of $250.

The company does not offer as many discounts and credits as some of its competitors.

The Verdict
Allstate is a solid insurance company with good customer service to meet all middle-class renters' insurance needs.

Summary (Score : 8.1/10)
Allstate renters insurance seems geared for typical middle-class renters. The maximum liability coverage available is $300,000, and the maximum property coverage is $150,000. Allstate offers a relatively low deductible of $250. The company's online quote system is adequate to give you renters insurance quotes, and the company offers an excellent coverage calculator to help you determine the value of your property. Allstate rates highly in financial strength and will help you get the coverage you need for security and peace of mind.

Official site :


american family insurance 2014

American Family Insurance has the best online quote function of any insurer in our lineup and offers low and high coverage amounts to appeal to a broad swath of renters.

This renters insurance is available in only 19 states.

The Verdict
This insurer provides solid renters insurance with decent discounts and ample coverage amounts if you live in one of the 19 states in which it offers renters insurance.

Summary (Score : 8/10 )
American Family Insurance provides solid renters insurance with decent discounts and ample coverage amounts if you live in one of 19 covered states. If not, you'll have to get home and contents insurance through another insurer.

Official site :


farmers insurance 2014

Farmers offers a low minimum in property coverage, and ample discounts that make this renters insurance ideal for college students and those just starting out in a small apartment.

You cannot purchase this policy online, and must go through a local agent.

The Verdict
Farmers offers some decent policy coverage for property and liability, but it lacks online services and features offered by some competitors.

Official site :


liberty mutual 2014

Liberty Mutual renters insurance is offered in all 50 states, and you can pay monthly without an extra fee.

This renters insurance does not include a payout for personal business property, and your belongings are not covered off premises.

The Verdict
Liberty Mutual can provide you with sufficient coverage to meet your personal property and liability coverage needs.

Summary (Score : 7.7/10)
Liberty Mutual offers ample coverage amounts for renters insurance in all 50 states. You can pay monthly without an extra fee. It does not include a payout for personal business property that you may have in your apartment, and your belongings are not covered off premises. If those factors don't affect you, then this renters insurance may be good for you.

Official site :


nationwide insurance 2014

Nationwide is rated A+, or Superb, in financial strength and does not charge extra if you want to pay monthly.

Nationwide does not offer online quotes or renters insurance in all 50 states.

The Verdict
If you like personal service by phone, Nationwide can provide you with adequate content insurance to cover your apartment.

Summary (Score : 7.2/10 )
Nationwide insurance offers competitive coverage options but does not offer renters insurance in all 50 states. Another drawback is that you cannot get an online quote with this home and contents insurance company. You must go through an agent. If you like person-to-person service, Nationwide can provide you with adequate content insurance to cover your rental unit.

Official site :


protect bubble insurance 2014

Pros offers the lowest full-coverage deductible of any insurer on our lineup and is the only company to offer a discount for purchasing a policy online.

This renters insurance lacks standard discounts offered by other insurers in our ranking, and you have to pay extra for monthly premiums, versus paying annually.

The Verdict is good insurance for those who like to conduct their business online and through mobile devices, and for those who seek a low deductible and low coverage amounts.

Summary (Score : 7.1/10) offers the lowest full-coverage deductible of any insurer on our lineup and the lowest minimum liability coverage, as well as a low $10,000 minimum in personal property coverage, which makes it ideal for those who don't need a lot of coverage. It lacks some standard discounts offered by other insurers in our ranking, and you have to pay extra for monthly premiums instead of paying annually. It's easy to get renters insurance quotes and purchase a policy from any mobile device, and is the only insurer on our list to offer a discount for purchasing a policy online.

Official site :


progressive insurance 2014

Progressive offers a low $250 deductible for renters insurance claims.

This insurer lacks some standard discounts and support options offered by other insurers.

The Verdict
Progressive offers the necessary coverage amounts to meet the needs of any renter, but it lacks some basic discounts and support options.

Summary(Score 7/10)
Progressive offers renters insurance through a second-party underwriter. The company provides standard coverage amounts to meet all your home and contents insurance needs, but it lacks some standard discounts and support options offered by other insurers.

Official site :

Best Travel Insurance Companies 2014

How Do We Select The Best Travel Insurance

Let’s be frank: travel insurance is an extra expense, and chances are you’ll pay more for it than you get back. However, one thing is certain – when you need insurance, you’re sure glad to have it. And when you break your leg on an African safari, you will be grateful you purchased travel insurance. If you have a big trip planned, or you travel regularly, investing in travel insurance will offer peace of mind. It might end up saving you thousands of dollars, if the unexpected happens.
Travel insurance is inexpensive, yet it comes with benefits. A comprehensive package is a valuable tool that can provide medical coverage in foreign environments, protection against unexpected events and simple services that can recover or replace lost luggage.

Travel Insurance: What to Look For

You might be surprised how much international travel insurance policies differ from one other. Each vendor emphasizes a slightly different aspect of protection. Therefore, you should buy the policy that is most pertinent to you. The three main categories to understand are travel benefits, medical benefits, and help and support features.

Travel Benefits
What happens if something prevents you from starting a trip that you've insured? What is the trip cancellation policy? How do you receive compensation for the prepaid and nonrefundable expenses incurred? Is there an option to cancel the trip for any reason? These are all relevant questions that should be answered before you purchase travel insurance. Once under way, you should know the benefits provided if the trip is interrupted. What happens if your trip is delayed or you miss a connection? Who pays for the resulting expenses? Will the insurance policy compensate if your carrier loses or delays your baggage and you have to purchase something that was lost? Know the answers to these questions before you sign on the dotted line.

Medical Benefits
Some travel insurance policies lump together a benefit that covers any sort of medical or dental emergency caused by accident or sickness. Some policies subdivide the medical categories to provide one benefit for, say, emergency medical and dental, and another benefit for emergency accident and sickness. Most, but not all, budget travel insurance vendors cover costs of emergency medical evacuation. Among those that do, the range of compensation varies dramatically. Some providers include a benefit for common carrier accidental death and dismemberment and some do not. The key is to know your policy well.

Help & Support
There is a great deal of commonality among travel insurance policies in the help and support they provide. Every policy that we reviewed seems to offer similar features: 24-hour toll-free or collect telephone access to travel, business and concierge services. A review period immediately following your purchase gives you an opportunity to cancel your policy and receive a full refund. The length of this review period varies by provider. Once you've armed yourself with the proper information, you can make a choice to purchase travel insurance online to get the level of security you desire. Take the time to find the right policy and you'll get the most protection for your money. Knowing that you're covered is the first step to a great vacation.

The following are best travel insurance companies for 2014 :


    The policy provides as much as $1,000 for trip delays, the best coverage in that category.

    The 10-day satisfaction guarantee is shorter than the guarantee on some other policies.

    The Verdict :
    CSA Travel Protection is one of the best travel insurance policies.

    CSA Travel Protection Summary: (Score : 9.9/10)
    The CSA Travel Protection travel insurance premium is a pittance when you consider the safety net that it extends to a traveler waylaid along the path by Murphy’s Law. When it comes to benefits for baggage delay and medical evacuation, only one travel insurance vendor in our review provides greater benefits. And none of the travel insurance providers that we examined provide a more generous lost baggage benefit. The trip interruption benefit equal to 150 percent of the cost of the trip is highly unusual and unmatched by no other travel insurance underwriter in our review.

    Official site :


    The policy provides a $35,000 emergency accident and sickness benefit.

    You can't buy this insurance if you're 80 or older.

    The Verdict
    TravelSafe basic travel insurance will protect your trip investment and give you some control over your vacation.

    TravelSafe Summary: (Score : 9.4/10)
    TravelSafe is the best travel insurance for those that want a simple plan with a reasonable premium. TravelSafe worldwide travel insurance compares well with plans that are more costly and offers a fair balance of benefits that can be expanded by purchasing one of the company's more-expensive plans. This is a great deal if you are looking for cheap travel insurance with broad coverage.

    Official site

    The policy offers coverage and reimbursement for a minimum trip delay time of five hours, one hour less than most other policies.

    The policy provides no benefit for accidental death or dismemberment.

    The Verdict
    The policy provides above average travel benefits and is best suited for the traveler who is less concerned with medical problems.

    Travelex Summary (Score : 8.5/10)
    Travelex basic travel insurance competes in the middle of the pack of competitors. Some companies are better and some are worse. Buyers are entitled to a full refund up to $10,000 if cancellation occurs prior to the trip date and within 10 days of the purchase. The “Transportation Pak” option – which adds 24-hour roadside assistance with a collision damage waiver on rental vehicles and benefits in case of accidental death and dismemberment while flying with a common carrier – allows clients to fine-tune their travel insurance for specific needs.

    Official Site :

    The policy carries lost baggage coverage up to $1,500, the highest in our review.

    The included rental car insurance is lower than the best performer in that category.

    The Verdict
    MH Ross offers a very generous policy and strong service for a small price.

    MH Ross Summary: (Score : 7.5/10 )
    MH Ross compares well to the best travel insurance policies because of its quite generous benefits for travel and medical emergencies. The benefit to provide accidental death and dismemberment coverage even if the accident did not occur while traveling with a common carrier is particularly of interest. If you're looking for an affordable way to insure your next trip, MH Ross might be worth considering.

    Official Site :

    There is $50,000 of rental car coverage included in the plan with no extra fees.

    The coverage for emergency transportation is much lower than with other travel insurance policies.

    The Verdict
    Protect Your Bubble provides a pleasant and quick way to purchase travel insurance online.

    Protect Your Bubble Summary: (Score : 7.5/10)
    Protect Your Bubble provides protection against the unexpected inconveniences and dangers of travel. The travel benefits are average when compared to other travel insurance. The medical treatment benefits and rental car coverage are unmatched by any other insurance. If you're seeking affordable insurance with balanced coverage for flights and road trips alike, Protect Your Bubble may be for you.

    Official site :

    One child, less than 18 years old, is included per insured adult.

    Accidental death or dismemberment is not one of the policy benefits.

    The Verdict
    The travel benefits are average, and the medical evacuation benefit is very good.

    Travel Insured International Summary (Score : 6.8/10 )
    Travel Insured International travel insurance provides adequate medical benefits and unusually good emergency medical evacuation and transportation benefits. Common carrier accidental death and dismemberment benefits are not included, but they are available for an extra premium. Travel Insured International is a low-cost way to insure the whole family when you finally go on your dream vacation in distant lands.

    Official site :

    The policy comes with a $100,000 emergency medical transportation benefit.

    Travel Guard does not offer a missed connection benefit.

    The Verdict
    Travel Guard is a viable option to get good medical benefits and travel benefits for a low price.

    Travel Guard Summary (6.5/10)
    When it comes to inexpensive travel insurance, Travel Guard gives you adequate protection for a minimal premium. The travel benefits compare well with the best travel insurance as well as similarly priced plans. Travel Guard is definitely worth a look the next time you plan a trip.

    Official site :

    The plan will reimburse the nonrefundable trip cost in the event of trip cancellation or interruption.

    The trip delay benefits are meager.

    The Verdict
    This plan protects your travel investments from unexpected events. However, its travel benefits are weak when compared to similarly priced policies.

    Allianz Global Assistance Summary (Score : 6/10 )
    Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance does not provide the level of benefits provided by its competitors, even though it costs just as much. Despite the weaknesses of this basic plan, this international travel insurance is still well suited to protect your trip against cancellation and interruption. For that very reason, this plan is still worth considering.

    Official site :

    The policy provides a $100,000 accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

    The policy does not include any medical benefits.

    The Verdict
    Even though HTH Worldwide offers decent travel benefits, it lacks the medical benefits found in its competitors' plans.

    HTH Worldwide Summary ( Score : 4.8/10 )
    This international travel insurance has some great advantages and disappointing disadvantages. The chief advantage is that HTH Worldwide travel insurance provides a generous $100,000 benefit for accidental death or dismemberment while traveling by land, water or air with an operator who is licensed to transport passengers. If you would rather buy travel insurance for medical benefits of any kind, consider looking at a better plan from this provider.

    Official site :
That's all best travel insurance 2014

10 Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2014

The following are top 10 Pet Insurance Companies 2014 :

1. Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws pet insruance


Healthy Paws is our top choice because they offer the best coverage when your pet is sick or injured, including chronic conditions. We read in-depth articles from the Times comparing Pet Insurance and also considered online reviews from the top review websites in the pet insurance industry.
With an industry leading unlimited lifetime benefits and annual deductible (rather than per incident), you get the highest reimbursement. Prices are very affordable for the premium customer service and quality of coverage.

What's Included with Healthy Paws:

  • Unlimited Lifetime Benefits + Annual Deductible
  • Customize your reimbursement and deductible levels to fit your budget
  • Covers all accidents and illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions
  • Covered services include advanced testing, surgeries, hospital stays, and prescription medications. Alternative and emergency care too.
  • No restrictions or caps on claim amount
  • Best in class customer service as rated by pet parents.

The Fine Print:

  • Policy starts almost immediately - 15 days after you sign up, exception being a 12-month waiting period to cover hip dysplasia.
  • It does not cover routine care and will not pay for vet exams or pre-existing conditions.
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is one the most financially secure pet insurance companies. They are majority owned by Aon Corporation (world's largest insurance broker) and it's insurance underwriter is ACE Group, an A+ Rated Company with over $25 billion in surplus to pay claims.

The Bottom Line:

Healthy Paws is the best choice overall. Get a quote now to protect your dog or cat from the unexpected!


2. Petplan

petplan insurance


Pet Plan is our #2 choice for pet insurance because they offer some of the best coverage around. Their customer service is excellent & when it comes to coverage for your dollar their bronze, silver & gold policies all stack up really well against competitor plans.

What's Included with Pet Plan:

  • Choice of $50, $100 or $200 deductible
  • $100%, 90% & 80% reimbursement options
  • Covers all accidents and illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions
  • Covers medications, advanced testing and hospital stays
  • Policy limits that range from $10,000 to $22,000 depending on the plan.

The Fine Print:

  • Flat-rate reimbursement for veterinary bill fees. In other words, Petplan reimburses you the cost of your vet bill (minus your deductible, up to the policy limit you selected).
  • It does not cover routine care and will not pay for vet exams or pre-existing conditions.
  • Pet Plan is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as select provinces in Canada. AGCS Marine Insurance Company, a member of the Allianz Group (the world’s largest property and casualty insurer group, is their underwriter.

The Bottom Line:

Pet Plan is a solid choice for pet insurance & worth getting a quote from to see if they're the right choice to help protect your best friend from the unexpected!


3. Embrace

emrace pet insurance

Why They're a Great Choice

Embrace pet insurance has an A+ rating with the BBB, and offers insurance plans for Puppies, Dogs, Kittens and Cats. We reviewed their online reviews with the most visited review websites in the pet insurance industry and they came out highly ranked. In addition, a third party article written by the Seattle times also ranked Embrace highly because of their broad coverage, big ticket item coverage and faster payouts. Their optional wellness plan costs a bit extra but can be used to pay for your routine checkups or even a spay/neuter surgery (up to a max of $200 or $400 per year). They have a reputation for ease of use and coverage that is truly "nose to tail."

What's Included with Embrace:

  • They cover accidents, illness, genetic conditions and even chronic conditions.
  • They offer wellness plans that will cover routine care or even spay/neuter surger up to an annual max (either $200 or $400)
  • Maximum payouts from $5,000

The Fine Print:

  • Embrace has age limitations on their policies. If your dog or cat is 6 or older you might not be eligible for coverage, but once covered, your coverate is for life.
  • They also offer drug coverge as an add-on which should not be something you have to pay extra for.
  • That's a dealbreaker for the Seattle Times and also something that contributed to their ranking for us.

The Bottom Line:

If you have a younger pet, Embrace is a fantastic choice!

4. Trupanion

Trupanion pet insurance

Trupanion is Our #4 Pick

Trupanion is is a great pet insurance company because they will cover up to 90% of your actual bill. They reimburse medications, tests, and even trips to the hospital. Given an A+ with the BBB, they are a medium sized company with a great product.

What's Included with Trupanion:

  • Low cost deductible from $0-$1000. Their deductible is also per-condition which is good for chronic issues as your pet ages
  • Will cover up to 90 percent of the actual vet bill
  • Covers actual vet bills for accidents, illness and geneitc conditions
  • Covers medications, advanced testing and hospital stays
  • No restrictions or caps on payout amount

The Fine Print:

  • Animals that have not been spayed or neutered within the first year (or 30 days after adoption) are covered as breeding animals which costs more.

The Bottom Line:

If you plan to spay or neuter your pet, Trupanion is a fantastic choice!

5. Pets Best

Pets Best insurance

Pets Best is Our #5 Pick

Pets Best is a good brand with an A+ BBB ranking. They have some coverage limitations and won't cover some genetic conditions.

What's Included with Pets Best:

  • Up to 100% reimbursement
  • Low annual deductable from $100
  • Visit the vet of your choice

The Fine Print:

  • Pets Best does not cover congenital conditions (conditions that were present but undetected at birth).
  • They will not cover items deemed "preventable"
  • They will not cover parasites

The Bottom Line:

Pets Best is not the best option we found because of some coverage limitations. In most states (46 states) you must upgrade to a more expensive plan beyond "BestBenefit Level 1" to get more than $5,000 in annual coverage ($100k lifetime). A full list of what's not covered is here.

6. Pet Premium

Pet Premium insurance

Pet Premium Overview

While Pet Premium is a new company in the US, they offer the same coverages (also underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company), as another provider that's been a strong brand in the US for years: ASPCA.
What does that mean, exactly? Well, essentially it means that the policies you get through Pet Premium are the same as those offered by ASPCA. Both companies provide policy holders with the same coverage levels. And while Pet Premiums is a new company, which so far has been well received, they are relatively new still. They opened their doors for business in the Fall of 2013.
Pet Premium has per-condition limits, which cause buyer beware, as if your surgery or unexpected bill is greater than $3,500 you're out of luck & will have to pay the difference. For this reason, we'd recommend you look elsewhere.

What's Included with Pet Premium:

  • 90% reimbursement
  • Low annual deductable of $100
  • Visit the vet of your choice

The Fine Print:

  • Pet Premium pays out only $3,000 per incident unless you purchase their top two policies. That's a dealbreaker us.

The Bottom Line:

Pet Premium is still a new company. They may improve their policies over time, however, based on their coverages today they're not the best option we found. Their payout policy limit is a dealbreaker when better alternatives are available.

7. Aspca

Aspca pet insurance

ASPCA Overview

ASPCA is a strong brand in the US but they have a very low per-condition payout limit. Buyer beware that if your surgery or unexpected bill is greater than $3500, you're out of luck. For that reason alone we'd recommend you look elsewhere.

What's Included with ASPCA:

  • 90% reimbursement
  • Low annual deductable of $100
  • Visit the vet of your choice

The Fine Print:

  • ASPCA pays out only $3000 per incident unless you purchase their top two policies. That's a dealbreaker for the times and us too.
  • The Bottom Line:

    ASPCA is not the best option we found. Teir payout policy limit is a dealbreaker when better alternatives are available.

    8. VPI

    VPI pet insurance

    VPI ( Ranked 8th. 

    Our ranking of 8 out of 10 is based on the fact that that VPI aka has some of the lowest reviews of any pet insurance provider on the pet insurance review sites we've read. Also, payouts on a benefits schedule were a "dealbreaker" according to an unbiased article written by the Seattle Times. That means that while you have to pay the Vet the total amount they charge, VPI will reimburse you only according to their "schedule" which could leave you with added out of pocket expense. This also factored into their lower ranking on our site.

    What's Included with VPI:

    • Coverage for accidents, illnesses and hereditary issues on a sliding scale. You pay more for the coverage you should be getting.
    • They are a very popular site with a catchy domain name but not the best policy we have reviewed

    The Fine Print:

    • VPI pays out on a benefits schedule

    The Bottom Line:

    VPI is not the best option we found and their payout policy is a "dealbreaker" when better alternatives are available.

    9. Petfirst

    Petfirst insurance

    Pet First Overview

    Pet First offers pet insurance is all about safety for your loved one. They have straightforward policies and an A+ with the BBB. They are a very small company overall.

    What's Included with Pet First:

    • Easy to customize policies for Dogs and Cats
    • The premium is predictable and so it will be easy to ensure coverage of the unexpected.
    • Reimbursement from 70-90%
    • Restricted policy limit of $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 compared to other policies without limits

    The Fine Print:

    • More expensive policy required to get coverage for breed specific, chronic and congenital issues
    • Some policies not available online

    The Bottom Line:

    They offer some restrictions that other policies don't so we'd recommend Healthy Paws or Trupanion over Petfirst.

    10. 24PetWatch

    24PetWatch pet insurance

    24 Pet Watch Overview

    24 Pet Watch is a medium brand in the US with an A+ BBB rating. That said, buyer beware that if your surgery or unexpected bill is greater than $1,500 (w/24PetWatch Standard), $3,000 (w/24PetWatch Select) or $5,000 (w/24PetWatch Elite) - as you're out of luck. These per incident coverage limitations mean that if your pet has an expensive $8,000 surgery, even if you have their most expensive plan, you're still stuck having to pay the $3,000 balance. These per incident coverage limits just aren't high enough.

    Additionally, 24 Pet Watch limits the amounts they'll cover on an annual basis $5,000 (w/24PetWatch Standard), $10,000 (w/24PetWatch Select), or $20,000 (w/24PetWatch Elite) & the amounts they'll pay over the lifetime of your pet.
    On account of 24 Pet Watch's per incident & per year coverage limitations - less so for their lifetime limitations, which are more reasonable - we'd recommend you look elsewhere.

    What's Included with 24 Pet Watch:

    • Coverage for accidents, illnesses and hereditary issues on a sliding scale.
    • You pay more for the coverage you should be getting.
    • They are a very popular site with a catchy domain name but not the best policies we have reviewed

    The Fine Print:

    • Most states offer new "blanket" coverage. California, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts & New York do not.
    • Policies are structured differently & based on lifetime coverage across 12 illness categories.

    The Bottom Line:

    24 Pet Watch is not the best option we found and their policy limitations are a dealbreaker when better alternatives are available.
    That's all top 10 best insurance companies 2014

    Best : Insurance Introduction (Complete)

    Insurance Definition: Protection against loss for which you pay a certain sum periodically in exchange for a guarantee that you'll be compensated under stipulated conditions for any specified loss by fire, accident, death, etc
    insurance introduction

    Let's face it: Starting and running any type of business has risks. Recognizing the risks in all areas of your business--management, marketing, contracts, personnel and the particular ramifications of your product or service on customers and the market--is the first step in effective risk management.
    One of the smartest moves any business owner can make is having enough of the right kinds of insurance.
    Not only does this protect your business's assets from risks that could very well reduce them to nothing if a catastrophe struck, it also safeguards your personal assets, which are often on the line, from a liability point of view.
    What kind of risks should you be concerned about? If you have employees, you're obligated to:
    • Provide a safe place to work,
    • Employ individuals reasonably competent to carry out
    • Warn employees of danger,
    • Furnish appropriate and safe tools, and
    • Set up and enforce proper rules of employee conduct as they relate to safe working procedures.
    You also owe a degree of safety and concern to your customers, clients, and the public--not only for their physical well-being when they're doing business with you but also to protect their property.
    The basic business insurance package (not including health insurance) consists of four fundamental coverages--workers' compensation, general liability, auto and property/casualty--plus an added layer of protection over those, often called an umbrella policy. In addition to these basic needs, you should also consider purchasing business interruption coverage and life and disability insurance.


    Workers' compensation, which covers medical and rehabilitation costs and lost wages for employees injured on the job, is required by law in all 50 states. Workers' comp insurance consists of two components, with a third optional element. The first part covers medical bills and lost wages for the injured employee; the second encompasses the employer's liability, which covers the business owner if the spouse or children of a worker who's permanently disabled or killed decide to sue. The third and optional element of workers' compensation insurance is employment practices liability, which insures against lawsuits arising from claims of sexual harassment, discrimination and the like.

    According to the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA), it's often hard for small companies to get workers' comp insurance at reasonable rates. Consequently, some states have a risk-sharing pool for firms that can't buy from the private market. Typically state-run and similar to assigned risk pools for car insurance, these pools generally don't provide the types of discounts offered in the voluntary market and thus are an "insurance of last resort."

    Because insurance agents aren't always up-to-date on the latest requirements and laws regarding workers' comp, you should check with your state, as well as your agent, to find out exactly what coverage you need. Start at your state's department of insurance or insurance commissioner's office.
    Generally, rates for workers' comp insurance are set by the state, and you purchase insurance from a private insurer. The minimum amount you need is also governed by state law. When you buy workers' comp, be sure to choose a company licensed to write insurance in your state and approved by the insurance department or commissioner.

    If you are purchasing insurance for the first time, the rate will be based on your payroll and the average cost of insurance in your industry. You'll pay that rate for a number of years, after which an experience rating will kick in, allowing you to renegotiate premiums.

    Depending on the state you are located in, the business owner will be either automatically included or excluded from coverage; if you want something different, you'll need to make special arrangements. While excluding yourself can save you several hundred dollars, this can be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Review your policy before choosing this option, because in most states, if you opt out, no health benefits will be paid for any job-related injury or illness by your health insurance provider.
    A better way to reduce premiums is by maintaining a good safety record. This could include following all the Occupational Health and Safety Administration guidelines related to your business, creating an employee safety manual and instituting a safety training program.

    Another way to cut costs is to ensure that all jobs in your company are properly classified. Insurance agencies give jobs different classification ratings depending on the degree of risk of injury.


    Comprehensive general liability coverage insures a business against accidents and injury that might happen on its premises as well as exposures related to its products. For example, suppose a visiting salesperson slips on a banana peel while taking a tour of your office and breaks her ankle. General liability covers her claim against you. Or let's say your company is a window-sash manufacturer, with hundreds of thousands of its window sashes installed in people's homes and businesses. If something goes wrong with them, general liability covers any claims related to the damage that results.
    The catch is that the damage cannot be due to poor workmanship. This points to one difficulty with general liability insurance: It tends to have a lot of exclusions. Make sure you understand exactly what your policy covers...and what it doesn't.

    You may want to purchase additional liability policies to cover specific concerns. For example, many consultants purchase "errors and omissions liability," which protects them in case they are sued for damages resulting from a mistake in their work. A computer consultant who accidentally deletes a firm's customer list could be protected by this insurance, for example.

    Companies with a board of directors may want to consider "directors' and officers' liability" (D&O), which protects top executives against personal financial responsibility due to actions taken by the company.

    How much liability coverage do you need? Experts say $2 million to $3 million of liability insurance should be plenty. The good news is that liability insurance isn't priced on a dollar-for-dollar basis, so twice the coverage won't be twice the price.

    The price you'll have to pay for comprehensive general liability insurance depends on the size of your business (measured either by square footage or by payroll) and the specific risks involved.


    If your business provides employees with company cars, or if you have a delivery van, you need to think about auto insurance. The good news here is that auto insurance offers more of an opportunity to save money than most other types of business insurance. The primary strategy is to increase your deductible; then your premiums will decrease accordingly.
    Make sure, however, that you can afford to pay the deductibles should an accident happen. For additional savings, remove the collision and comprehensive coverage from older vehicles in your fleet. Pay attention to policy limits when purchasing auto coverage.
    Many states set minimum liability coverages, which may be well below what you need. "If you don't have enough coverage, the courts can take everything you have, then attach your future corporate income, thus possibly causing the company severe financial hardship or even bankruptcy," says Mike Fox, an account executive with Wausau Insurance Companies. "I recommend carrying at least $1 million in liability coverage."


    Most property insurance is written on an all-risks basis, as opposed to a named-peril basis. The latter offers coverage for specific perils spelled out in the policy. If your loss comes from a peril not named, then it isn't covered. Make sure you get all-risks coverage. Then go the extra step and carefully review the policy's exclusions. All policies cover loss by fire, but what about such crises as hailstorms and explosions? Depending on your geographic location and the nature of your business, you may want to buy coverage for all these risks.

    Whenever possible, you should buy replacement cost insurance, which will pay you enough to replace your property at today's prices, regardless of the cost when you bought the items. It's protection from inflation. (Be sure your total replacements do not exceed the policy cap.)
    For example, if you have a 30,000-square-foot building that costs $50 per square foot to replace, the total tab will be $1.5 million.

    But if your policy has a maximum replacement of $1 million, you're going to come up short. To protect yourself, experts recommend buying replacement insurance with inflation guard. This adjusts the cap on the policy to allow for inflation. If that's not possible, then be sure to review the limits of your policy from time to time to ensure you're still adequately covered.


    In addition to these four basic coverages (workers' comp, general liability, auto and property/casualty), many insurance agents recommend an additional layer of protection, called an umbrella policy. This protects you for payments in excess of your existing coverage or for liabilities not covered by any of your other insurance policies.


    When a hurricane or earthquake puts your business out of commission for days--or months--your property insurance has it covered. But while property insurance pays for the cost of repairs or rebuilding, who pays for all the income you're losing while your business is unable to function? For that, you'll need business interruption coverage. Many entrepreneurs neglect to consider this important type of coverage, which can provide enough to meet your overhead and other expenses during the time your business is out of commission. Premiums for these policies are based on your company's income.


    Many banks require a life insurance policy on the business owner before lending any money. Such policies typically take the form of term life insurance, purchased yearly, which covers the cost of the loan in the event of the borrower's death; the bank is the beneficiary. Term insurance is less costly than permanent insurance at first, although the payments increase each year. Permanent insurance builds equity and should be considered once the business has more cash to spend. The life insurance policy should provide for the families of the owners and key management. If the owner dies, creditors are likely to take everything, and the owner's family will be left without the income or assets of the business to rely on.

    Another type of life insurance that can be beneficial for a small business is "key person" insurance. If the business is a limited partnership or has a few key stockholders, the buy-sell agreement should specifically authorize this type of insurance to fund a buyback by the surviving leadership. Without a provision for insurance to buy capital, the buy-sell agreement may be rendered meaningless.
    The company is the beneficiary of the key person policy. When the key person dies, creating the obligation to pay, say, $100,000 for his or her stock, the cash with which to make that purchase is created at the same time. If you don't have the cash to buy the stock back from the surviving family, you could find yourself with new "business partners" you never bargained for--and wind up losing control of your business.

    In addition to the owners or key stockholders, any member of the company who is vital to operations should also be insured.


    It's every businessperson's worst nightmare--a serious accident or a long-term illness that can lay you up for months, or even longer. Disability insurance, sometimes called "income insurance," can guarantee a fixed amount of income--usually 60 percent of your average earned income--while you're receiving treatment or are recuperating and unable to work. Because you are your business's most vital asset, many experts recommend buying disability insurance for yourself and key employees from day one.

    There are two basic types of disability coverage: short term (anywhere from 12 weeks to a year) and long term (more than a year).
    An important element of disability coverage is the waiting period before benefits are paid. For short-term disability, the waiting period is generally seven to 14 days. For long-term disability, it can be anywhere from 30 days to a year. If being unable to work for a limited period of time would not seriously jeopardize your business, you can decrease your premiums by choosing a longer waiting period.

    Another optional add-on is "business overhead" insurance, which pays for ongoing business expenses, such as office rental, loan payments and employee salaries, if the business owner is disabled and unable to generate income.
    To find the right coverage for your business, work with an agent who's familiar with a variety of carriers. For more information on insurance providers, contact the Insurance Information Institute.

    That's all introduction about insurance, may be useful for you!